New Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Mini-Games Trailer-1.052010-01-22 10:58:15Maura S
Sega has today released the first clip showing some of the mini-games in the upcoming Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Wii game, as well as some screenshots. The mini-games featured in the clip are Balloon Race and Battle Pinball. Both mini-games are pretty self-explanatory, with Battle Pinball looking especially crazy as the poor little monkeys get smashed and bashed around a pinball-table arena. Other mini-games due to feature in the game include Seesaw Ball, Monkey Bowling and Monkey Race. As well as the mini-games, there are also all-new puzzle levels to enjoy, while fans of the series will be glad to hear that thereís still plenty of that familiar Monkey Ball gameplay to enjoy, and this time youíll even be able to use the Wii Balance Board to steer the tiny monkeys in their balls around the devious courses. Donít worry if you donít have a balance board though, you can still use the more traditional set-up of Wii Remote and Nunchuk to control your monkey.

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll is out 12th February for the Wii.