Castlevania: Rondo of Blood coming to Wii Virtual Console-1.052010-01-27 19:29:22Maura S

The sharp-eyed folks at have been studying the latest ESRB ratings and noticed a little gem lurking in the listings, namely Castlevania: Rondo of Blood. The title is listed for the Nintendo Wii, so it’s probably safe to assume that itís going to be coming out on the Virtual Console. As ever, the ESRB description is mouth-wateringly specific:

This is a side-scrolling action game in which players battle against monsters and sprite-like minions through eight different stages. Players use a chained whip to fight their way through the 2D-style environments (graveyards, halls, rooms, etc), which are filled with an assortment of fantasy creatures (skeletons, demons, flying eyeballs, etc.). Weapons such as boomerangs, axes, and holy water can also be used to defeat enemies that react to damage by roaring or screaming, flashing red, blinking off the screen, or briefly spewing a blood-like fluid.
Awesome! points out that Rondo of Blood has been available on the Virtual Console in Japan since 2008, and that it was originally released on the Turbografx-CD in Japan in 1993, as well as on the Super NES in 1995, although that version was much edited and watered down.* The game is also available on the PSP as part of the Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles collection, which came out in 2007 according to, and is playable with either Japanese or English voices.