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    Metroid Other M Website Unveiled, plus Japanese Release Details

    Metroid Other M Website Unveiled, plus Japanese Release Details-1.052010-01-30 08:27:16Maura S

    There’s been a deafening silence about Metroid: Other M from Nintendo since E3 2009, where these three screenshots were released along with a teaser trailer. Now an official Japanese website has popped up, featuring the gorgeous intro screen pictured above, and Nintendo has also confirmed at its financial briefing in Japan on January 29th that the game would be released in summer 2010 in Japan, with the rest of the world still expected to get the game later in the year.

    When Reggie Fils Aime presented the game’s trailer at E3, he said that Nintendo wanted developers Team Ninja (Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive) to come up with a more “mature” approach to the Metroid franchise. The trailer hints at another character, called Solitaire, possibly the “other M” of the title? In an interview on 1UP.com which took place at last year’s E3, Metroid* co-creator Yoshio Sakamoto and Team Ninja head Yusuke Hayahsi revealed that their intention was to combine the fast-paced, violent, action packed elements of Ninja Gaiden with the more exploratory aspects of the Metroid series. They also said that Metroid Other M’s plotline would focus on events between Super Metroid and Fusion, as well as delving into Samus’s back story a little more. Hopefully we’ll start to find out a lot more about the game as the Japanese release date draws closer.

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