Harvest Moon Rules the Wii -1.052010-02-18 16:50:43Maura S

Natsume, the company behind the Harvest Moon franchise, is today patting itself on the back as new stats provided by Kotaku.com show that two Harvest Moon games, Tree of Tranquillity and Animal Parade, are currently among the most *played Nintendo Wii games.* Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquillity, has consistently been in the top 10 list of games that are played the longest, with an average playing time of 49 hours per player, and a total of 1,726,252 hours logged by Nintendo Channel users. Harvest Moon: Animal Parade does almost as well as its stable mate, with an average playing time of 39 hours since its release at the end of 2009. This is what Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume, had to say about the figures:

We feel honoured that our fans get so much enjoyment out of each Harvest Moon game. Its truly a testament to the depth and endless playability that has made this series such a long-running success.