Disney Talks Epic Mickey Wii Exclusivity-1.052010-02-19 12:00:00Maura S

Disney executives Steve Wadsworth and Graham Hopper have been talking to Gamasutra about why Disney decided that Warren Spector’s forthcoming eagerly anticipated Epic Mickey game would be exclusive to the Wii. Hopper said that as the Epic Mickey gameplay is based on an “ink and paint mechanic”, the Wii Remote seemed like a “completely intuitive” way to play the game. He added though, that Xbox 360’s Natal and PS3’s new motion controller were not in the picture when development started on Epic Mickey, so therefore were not taken into consideration, and that if Disney had started work on Epic Mickey this year, for example, when both of those new controllers are set to appear, the situation might have been different.

Wadsworth was just as positive about Disney’s involvement with Nintendo, adding, “we have a very large audience base that has Wiis in their home”, so it’s pretty obvious that Disney was always going to look to the Wii first when considering a home for their flagship Mickey game.

Epic Mickey is due for release exclusively on the Wii on September 16th 2010.