Diner Dash Served Up On Wii-1.052010-03-05 15:43:11Maura S

Hudson Entertainment has today announced that its best-selling Diner Dash game will be released for WiiWare on March 29th 2010, in partnership with the game’s creators, PlayFirst. *In this 3D version of the game, which has been specially adapted for the next generation consoles, players can take direct control of Flo as she tries to run her busy diner, seat customers, take orders, deliver food, collect payment and bus tables, all within a time limit. Alternatively, those players who prefer the more traditional control scheme can use “Flo Control” with hotkeys to help Flo in her quest for customer satisfaction. Keep an eye on the heart meter to ensure that the level of customer satisfaction remains high and prevent customers getting impatient and leaving the restaurant. As well as the single-player mode, you can also play with up to seven others across four diners in Team Dash, or go one-on-one in the head-to-head mode. Here’s what Sabine Duvall, vice president of product development at Hudson Entertainment had to say about the game:

“Diner Dash has been serving heaps of fun for years and Wii owners will soon get their first taste of the action. New controls designed especially for the Wii and a new multiplayer mode will keep gamers coming back for second helpings.”