Dragonís arenít usually that stealthy, but somehow Activisionís Nintendo Wii game How to Train Your Dragon has managed to sneak up on the gaming world almost unawares. The game is a third-person action-adventure based on the upcoming Dreamworks animation of the same name, where the player takes on the role of a Viking hero and embarks on an epic quest to become the ultimate dragon trainer. It actually looks like a lot of fun! Gamers get to play as either Hiccup or Astrid as they make their way around the island of Berk, which features expanded locales from the film including Vikingsí Village, Wild Zone, Training Zone and Fight Arena. In the game, players will find themselves training dragons, battling in prestigious dragon tournaments, and even designing their own dragon via the Create Your Dragon feature. Mini-games include Ice Sculpting, Looping Race, Flying Sheppard, Memory Torch and Puzzle Dragon. Do well in the mini-games, and youíll earn experience points which count towards levelling up your dragon, as well as winning gold and other items to help care for your dragons.

How to Train Your Dragon is released for the Nintendo Wii on March 26th.