They certainly like their contact sports “down under”, so it’s no surprise that the Rugby League videogames franchise is such a huge seller across Australasia, in fact it’s actually one of the biggest sellers of all time in the region. Doubtless publisher Home Entertainment Suppliers is hoping that the latest game in the franchise, Rugby League 3, will be just as popular as the others when it’s released exclusively for the Wii today in Australasia.

The game, which has been developed by New Zealand studio Sidhe, features more than 80 licensed teams from competitions such as the NRL, Super League, Toyota Cup, UK Championship, UK Championship 1, State of Origin, City v Country and internationals, with matches being played in 38 stadia across the globe, from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and France.

Team-level gameplay features include defensive line controls, attacking and defensive strategy selection, team confidence and AI support play. Fans can get stuck in building a champion team in the Multi-year Franchise Mode, as well as creating and customising players, teams, and competitions, and using the extensive customisation tools to fine-tune the gameplay options. The broadcast-style presentation includes enhanced replay angles, cut-scenes, match highlights, and in-game commentary from Channel Nine’s Andrew Voss. This is what Paul Kind, NRL Director of Marketing & Commercial, had to say about the game:

“Rugby League for the Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular products in the NRL licensing range. The Rugby League titles allow fans and gamers alike to experience the speed, skill and excitement of Rugby League first hand. The added features and options in Rugby League 3 have been well-researched and tested, and gamers will enjoy the new level of interactivity and presentation in the title.”