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    Chronos Twins DX Gets European Release Date

    EnjoyUp Games has today announced that Chronos Twins DX will be released for WiiWare by Nintendo of Europe on Friday April 2nd. The game has already had some great reviews across the board, receiving IGN’s WiiWare Game of the Month award for January 2010 following its US release, and being heralded by Cubed3 as one of their Most Anticipated 2010 WiiWare games. This is what Jorge Biedma from EnjoyUp Games had to say about Chronos Twins DX:
    “We’re very excited with the European launch of Chronos Twins DX, and we hope European users enjoy the new experience and originality that Chronos Twins DX offers with this ‘DualPlay’ system. Also we want to thank the press for their support and the American users for the great acceptance of the game. We wish to follow these steps in Europe.”

    No word as yet as to how many Wii Points the game will cost, but we’re guessing it’ll be worth it!

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