Nintendo has announced today that all European pre-orders of Monster Hunter Tri, whether for a standalone copy of the game or for any of the available bundles, will receive a free Rathalos head figurine. Nintendo has also announced a new bundle today, the Ultimate Hunter Pack, which includes a copy of the game, a black Classic Controller Pro, a Wii Speak accessory and a Lagiacrus head figurine.

Unless you’ve been living under a Rathalos head for the past few months, you’ll know that in Monster Hunter Tri the player takes on the role of a rookie monster hunter in a land where monsters and humans co-exist. You battle and seek to defeat monsters only in order to gain vital items for your quest. Fans can look forward to exploring a vast living and breathing ecosystem, where monsters interact authentically and naturally with each other, with their environment, and with you.

Monster Hunter Tri will be available exclusively for the Wii on April 23rd 2010 in Europe.