All those awaiting the release of surreal room-escape puzzle game Rooms: The Main Building should be jumping up and down right now as the Nintendo Wii game has finally hit the shops. Published by Hudson Entertainment, the game aims to challenge the minds of Nintendo Wii gamers as they attempt to solve sliding puzzles in order to escape from spooky mansions. Along the way, players can get advice from their host, Mr. Book, and use various items to help navigate their way through the rooms. This is what Mike Pepe, director of marketing at Hudson Entertainment, had to say about the game.

“Rooms: The Main Building will provide hours of adventure and intuitive fun for players as they attempt to jump from room to room using their brain power and puzzle-solving skills.”
The gameplay is designed specifically for point-and-click controls, and with more than 100 rooms to escape from and a level editor to help you create even more of your own, it sounds like good value for money at $29.99 if you’re into room-escape puzzlers.