Sunflex Europe wants the Nintendo-loviní world to know that itís about to launch its new and improved Snakebyte Remote XL+ for the Nintendo Wii. The XL+ has MotionPlus already fully integrated into the Remote, and is designed to automatically deactivate or activate MotionPlus according to the requirements of the game being played.

Sunflex says that it has also improved the controllerís integrated camera, with the range now extending to five meters away from the Sensor Bar. The XL+ also uses less energy and therefore has a longer battery life than comparable products on the market, thanks to improved efficiency. The batteries that are included in the unit are regular AA batteries that can be charged directly via the USB cable, which is also included in the XL+ bundle.

And one final little tweak that Sunflex is keen to show off Ė the XL+ has an external sync button on the outside of the remote, meaning that you donít have to open the battery compartment to synchronize your remote with the Wii.

If you feel like treating yourself to the Snakebyte XL+, in either snazzy black or equally snazzy white, you can get one for Ä49.99 either in stores or from the Sunflex website.