Well buckle my swash, Lace Mamba Global has just released some freshly minted screenshots from its forthcoming Nintendo Wii game, Pirates: Adventures of the Black Corsair. The game sees players taking on the role of a marauding buccaneer in 17th Century London, fighting to clear their name in a bid to become the famous Black Corsair pirate, after initially being double-crossed by their Pirate Captain.

According to Lace Mamba Global, Pirates: Adventures of the Black Corsair is the only “party” game that allows gameplay in versus, single, cooperative, and story modes. The family-friendly gameplay also includes 20 mini-games that unlock special game features, 4 multi-player modes, and 15 humorous characters, spread across three massive worlds (London City, The Tower of London, and the Royal Court). Hopefully there will also be some parrots too, as you’ve got to have some parrots in any self-respecting pirate game!

Pirates: Adventures of the Black Corsair is due for worldwide release on the Wii in Q4 at a cost of £29.99.