Wildlife everywhere will be giving little whinnies and snorts of relief and waving their hooves in the air at today’s news from Activision that Cabela’s Monster Buck Hunter has just been released for the Wii, ‘cause if all the hunters are indoors playing the game, they won’t be out there shooting at them, or so the theory goes anyway. In the game, players test their shooting skills in 12 expansive shooting galleries where they can shoot big game, small furry creatures and flying birds with plenty of ammunition on tap for non-stop hunting action. The game also includes the Top Shot challenge, featuring two- to- four-person turn-based multiplayer action, as well as 96 special missions that take place across 24 states and provinces from the Yukon to the Sonoran Desert, where players get to hunt 36 species of trophy game including North America’s most sought-after Trophy Deer species.

The Top Shot hunting peripheral that comes bundled with the game was designed by Activision in collaboration with Cabela’s, incorporating both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk.

Cabela’s Monster Buck Hunter is out now for the Nintendo Wii, with the bundle including the Top Shot peripheral retailing for $49.99.