Lace Mamba Global has announced today that they’re bringing the PC adventure game So Blonde over to the Wii. The intriguingly named game is based around the adventures of 17-year-old blonde teenager Sunny, who’s enjoying an idyllic cruise around the Caribbean with her parents, right up until the moment their ship gets hit by a thunderstorm and Sunny falls overboard and into a handily placed lifeboat. Eventually she’s washed ashore on an island, where she can see no trace of her parents.

The storyline takes a whole different turn from the PC version, with author Steve Ince writing a completely new adventure for the Wii, in which Sunny must first try and cross rugged rocks in order to reach the island.

The game’s point-and-click interface has been specially adapted for the Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk, with the aim being to make the control system as intuitive as possible, both in the main adventure and the party mini-games that are also included. There aren’t that many point-and-click adventures around for the Wii so this could be a welcome addition.

So Blonde: Back to the Island is due for release on the Nintendo Wii in Q3 2010 for an RRP of £29.99.