Reef Entertainment has released some new Sniper Elite screenshots, featuring the Flak Tower Bonus level. The level takes place after the original 28 missions, and sees Karl Fairburne re-entering Berlin to help take out the Flak Tower, an impenetrable fortress armed with row after row of anti-aircraft cannons which are decimating the allies’ airborne assault.

Here’s Massi Di Monda, CEO of Raylight, talking about the Flak Tower level:

“By the time the player reaches this level we expect them to be fully versed in handling the controllers, especially the Wii Zapper rifle add-on, so their sniping skills will be well-honed and they’ll have to be for this level! The pace of the game to this point has been up and down – full-on action coupled with slower sniping/stealth-style gameplay – so we’ve ramped up the tension and action to make Flak Tower a truly explosive and fitting end to one of the best sniping games around!”
Sniper Elite is due to be released for the Nintendo Wii in Q2, 2010.