Get ready, Gormiti fans, Konami has today released some brand new screenshots from the forthcoming Wii game, Gormiti: The Lords of Nature!, thatís based on the hugely successful TV show. The game faithfully recreates the island of Gorm, where the Lords of Air, Earth, Sea and Forest dwell. In story mode, fans have the chance to explore five vast domains as they attempt to foil the villain Magmionís plot to take control of Earth and the parallel dimension of Gorm.

During the game, you can control each of three Lords of Nature within a group and use each Lordís individual skills, such as their Super attacks, to battle Magmionís minions. In Tournament mode, fans can prove their might in unlockable battle arenas where they’ll face hordes of enemies in timed combat challenges. Overall it looks like Konami is doing its best to give Gormiti fans as authentic a gaming experience as possible, with plenty of extras as well, such as beautifully animated unlockable cutscenes featuring the original voice actors from the TV show.

Look for the game to be released in Q3 2010.