Akaoni Studio has today confirmed that the fantastically named Zombie Panic in Wonderland will be released for WiiWare in North America on March 3rd 2010, for 1000 Wii Points. ZPIW has been wowing Japanese gamers since its release in Japan by Marvelous Entertainment on March 16th, and in Europe on 9th April, and has already captured the number one spot on the WiiWare sales chart.

The game is a frenzied third-person shooter laced with humour, in which the inhabitants of Wonderland have disappeared, only to be replaced by “amorous zombies” and “scented dwarves”, both of which sound incredibly intriguing! Snow White, Momotaro, and Dorothy are just three of the famous fairy tale characters who take up arms and start slaying zombies all over town. The game features totally destructible scenery, as well as explosions, demolitions, fire, and hordes of zombies out for brains.

The screenshots look pretty wild so it might be worth checking out!