Everyone loves those cute Meerkat critters, so itís about time they had their own Nintendo WiiWare game. Lapland Studio Ltdís Lead The Meerkats is an RTS game that offers fun gameplay for animal lovers of all ages, being the first game to simulate the trials and tribulations of the life of Meerkats. The player takes on the role of a young Meerkat who has been separated from his pack, and must form his own pack.

Get cracking by naming your pack and your Meerkats, then dig a network of burrows and expand your territory, forage for food and grow your pack. When an enemy approaches, itís up to you to decide whether or not to stand your ground or to flee to the safety of your burrow. You can even go head-to-head against a rival Meerkat pack as you bid to rule the savanna. Aside from being fun, the game has educational value as well. Hereís Prof. Tim Clutton-Brock, Professor of Animal Ecology of the University of Cambridge and the author of Meerkat Manor Ė The Story of Flower of the Kalahari, talking about the game:

ďI am excited to see the development of a game that will help people to understand the decisions that individual animals have to make in the course of their daily lives. Purchase of each game includes a donation to the Kalahari Meerkat Project so sales of the game will also help to support our research and safeguard the Meerkats.”
Look for the game to be released for WiiWare in Europe on May 28th and at a date TBA in North America.