Well the name certainly grabs you by the trotters for starters! And you’re probably guessing that Calvin Tucker’s Redneck: Farm Animal Racing Tournament is not exactly the most serious of games, and you’d be right! It’s actually a wacky, cartoonish farmyard-based kart game, all about animals from a “redneck” farm who decide they want to leave the farm and see the world. Of course, being farm animals they don’t have a lot of spare change in their pockets, if they even have pockets, so they decide to organise some racing tournaments along the way. Animal ring leader Billy-Pete “the Pig”, hires Billy-Barry “the Bull” to protect him from danger on his travels, and plenty of other farm animals decide to come along for the ride, all called Billy!

Along the way, this motley barnyard crew gets to visit such far-flung locations as a tropical Pirate island, the inside of a Pyramid, and Medieval times (courtesy of a time warp).

In terms of the actual gameplay, the game features five large, highly detailed tracks, eight animals and vehicles to race with, special moves (including farting in someone’s face!), and a split-screen multiplayer mode. No release date as yet, but we’ve got plenty of screenshots for you to graze on for now.