Ever fancied going all Jack Bauer with your loved ones and subjecting them to a lie detector test, just for fun?! Well now you can, with THQís Truth or Lies. Itís not actually a real lie detector test, of course, although you could argue that itís based loosely on the same principles of ascertaining the truth by measuring stress levels.

In the game, which is due for release this Fall, players must answer an array of thought-provoking questions. Truth or Lies will then use its proprietary voice calibration system, which works in conjunction with a USB microphone, to measure stress levels in a playerís voice to determine the honesty or otherwise of their answer.

Up to eight players can join in, as they attempt to answer questions from the more than 3,000 available. Players will also get the chance to subject their friends and family to Hot Seat mode, where they get to ask any question that comes to mind. Could lead to the odd awkward moment here and there!