There aren’t that many medieval shooters around, which makes Robin Hood: Return of Richard something of a novelty, but if the idea of sneakily picking off enemies from afar with arrows against a backdrop of green fields and ancient castles appeals to you, then get ye-self to your Wii console’s Wii Shop Channel and download the WiiWare game for the princely sum of 500 Wii Points.

The first-person arrow-shooting action takes place across 12 levels set in medieval England, with the player getting to face off against numerous enemies and super villains such as the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

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The historical storyline focuses on the period in English history when Richard, the true King of England, is absent from the throne, leaving the country to rage in chaos. When the house of expert archer and hunter Robin Hood is burned to the ground, he and a group of free archers hide out in Sherwood Forest in Nottingham and take the fight back to the invaders on behalf of the people. Here’s Victoria Trofimova, Director at Nordcurrent, talking about the game:

“Robin Hood is such an iconic character, and we are excited to bring such a revered character to life on Wii. There are lots of games to choose from these days, but with such a recognizable and compelling story and easy-to-learn playability, this game is perfect for Wii players.”