Everyone loves a good carnival; at least they used to until the last season of Heroes, but now 2K Play wants to fill our minds with happy thoughts of carnivals once again by announcing the return of the Carnival Funfair Games franchise with the cunningly titled New Carnival Funfair Games.

This latest installment in the franchise features over 30 new games and attractions, including Pitch-A-Plate, Bottle Stand-Up, Fish Bowl Bounce, Bumper Cars and Haunted House. There are also more than 300 goodies to win, including Moon Rocks, Eye-Bots, Decoder Rings and Wacky Wearables, such as Rabbit Ears.

For the first time in the franchise, the game will be fully Wii MotionPlus compatible. The expanded multiplayer action for up to four players allows for co-operative play or head-to-head competition in such classic games as Speed Bingo and Lucky Toss. Here’s Steve Lux, vice president of business development for 2K Play, talking about the game:

“Carnival Funfair Games has made a special connection with over six million fans around the globe. No other interactive entertainment product so seamlessly integrates youthful memories with the fun and technical innovation required to bring a virtual day at the carnival to life.”
New Carnival Funfair Games will be shipping this autumn on the Wii.