Hundreds of fans dressed as Mario queued for up to eight hours outside GAME in Oxford Street London last night, all in a bid to be the first in Europe to get their hands on the sensational Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Wii.

Fans travelled from all over the UK to meet Charles Martinet, the voice behind everyoneís favourite plumber and Princess-saving superhero. The lucky attendees also had their Mario merchandise signed by Charles, got to play the game, and snapped up their Mario goody bags.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is set to be the smash hit of the summer, and launches across the UK today. The reviews have been glowing, with one even calling it the best game EVER! Iím not sure Iíd go that far, but itís certainly a truly magical gaming experience, and itís so great to see Yoshi taking such a major role in proceedings. And letís not forget about Luigi either.