EA has today released new details and screenshots of the revamped Franchise mode featured in the forthcoming Madden NFL 11 game on the Nintendo Wii. The new-and-improved single-player Franchise mode, which puts you at the helm of your favourite NFL team, features four main components Ė Campus and Perks, Legacy, Assistants, and Scenarios. With assistant coaches guiding you through every scenario, and a passionate fan base hungry for championships, itís all up to you to build one of the greatest legacies in history.

Elsewhere, the completely new GameFlow System hands the power of managing the playbook over to the gameís AI, leaving you to focus on executing perfect plays.

Other added enhancements to this latest version include improved and expanded weather-based gameplay, meaning that the weather will now have a much greater impact on the schedule in November and December, just as it does in real life. When playing on a wet or icy field, or in the mud or snow, players will slip and slide and struggle to maintain their footing, based on four types of inclement conditions.

Other tweaks designed to create an all-round deeper Madden NFL experience include authentic practice uniforms, such as red QB jerseys in 5-on-5 and Practice modes. You can also have your team don long sleeves and pants during cold-weather games. Revamped stadiums and updated gameday uniforms complete the authentic package.

Madden NFL 2011 will hit stores on August 10th 2010 for the Nintendo Wii.