Everyone loves sports party sports games on the Wii, and everyone loves Mario games on the Wii, so what better combination than a Mario party sports game featuring all Mario’s friends, on the Wii? Mario Sports Mix, announced by Nintendo this week at E3, features the Mushroom Kingdom’s most beloved citizens getting together to play sports. While the basic rules of the games apply, each one includes some Mario-type twists, such as coins that can be collected to build up bonus points, and special items such as Koopa Shells that can be picked up and used against opponents. One such special ball move is using a Mini Mushroom to shrink the ball before it’s returned to the other side of the volleyball net.

Each character in the game will have a signature move that’s almost impossible for opponents to deal with, such as Mario’s fireball moves or Princess Peach’s heart-filled attacks. As you’d expect with a Mario game, in the field of play, nothing will ever be straightforward. In DK Dock for example, the volleyball court will be constantly moving from left to right, and on Bowser Jr. Blvd, the basketball court has bonus circles that pop up from time to time, offering both positive and negative bonuses that result in extreme point swings.

In each sport, you can play with up to three players cooperatively, or with up to four players competitively in a two-on-two match.Look for the game to be released on Wii sometime in 2011.