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    New Racers’ Islands: Crazy Racers Screenshots Released

    Crazy Racers is a forthcoming WiiWare racing game from Zallag, featuring 20 tracks, with fully 3D-designed sets that present each character’s home country in a humorous light. For example, you have lost temples of Mexico, or a Russian track with babushka dolls and a French track with croissants all over the side of the road.

    In order to achieve success in the game, not only do you have to drive like a champion, you also have to shoot like one, as taking out your opponents is all part of the fun, as you can see from the screenshots. You control the vehicle with the Nunchuk, and aim, fire and reload your weapons with the Wii Remote.

    As you might expect from this type of wacky racing game, there are plenty of bonuses scattered on the track, such as the usual shields, bombs and soap! You can also use speed boosts to avoid being shot.

    Expect to see Crazy Racers on WiiWare sometime soon.

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