EA Play has just announced a fantastic NERF game bundle which is scheduled for release this fall, just in time for Christmas. NERF “N-Strike” Double Blast Bundle is a compilation of EA Play’s top-selling NERF-branded shooter games for the Wii -* NERF “N-Strike” and NERF “N-Strike” Elite packaged with a SWITCH SHOT EX-3 NERF blaster and attachable Red Reveal decoder lens.

The first game, NERF “N-Strike”, enables players to advance through progressively more difficult missions, exploring a top-secret NERF building while solving the mystery of an unknown threat. Players can unlock more than 25 in-game blasters, some of which are replicas from the real world NERF product line, such as the LONGSHOT CS-6 and VULCAN EFB-25, as well as fantasy blasters such as the Crusher and Semper Fire, which was created exclusively for the video game.

In the second game, NERF “N-Strike” Elite, players have the choice of four characters, each with distinctive in-game blasters and unique skills. Players can go solo or team up with a friend in two-player co-op mode to take on increasingly difficult missions with the ultimate aim of defeating a robot army.

The SWITCH SHOT EX-3 NERF blaster included in the game enables players to insert the Wii Remote into the blaster chamber for in-game play, or it can also be used as a regular blaster, with three NERF darts included in the bundle. The Red Reveal decoder lens is included to give you extra assistance during gameplay, enabling players to identify enemy weaknesses, to solve puzzles and decode secret messages within the game.