Now this is really what you call a bargain! Konami has announced today that both the Wii and DS versions of Beyblade: Metal Fusion will come bundled with a special Hasbro Beyblade toy. The Wii game will have a Counter Leone Beyblade bundled with it, and the DS version will have a Cyber Pegasus Beyblade included. Both are totally exclusive and not available anywhere else. Konami has also released lots of screenshots of the Wii game today, which is due out this holiday season. The game is based on the brand new Beyblade: Metal Fusion TV show, which features Gingka and his friends fighting a dangerous group called the Dark Nebula, and which is set to make its debut across Europe shortly. The Wii game revolves around a completely separate game-specific story featuring original characters from the show, where players find themselves trying to find out what lies behind the disappearance of the world’s most powerful Beybladers.

Aside from the regular single-player mode, the game also features a four-player Battle Mode competition, where players face off against three other human or AI-controlled opponents, or play co-operatively with allies. Players can also save their blade creations and take them to their friends’ houses, which is a really cool idea. So what with the free Beyblade toys and all, this really should be a very exciting release for all the avid Beyblade fans around the world.