Sega Europe has today released the first screenshots and details about two of the Wisps from *the forthcoming Sonic Colours Wii game. The Pink Wisp has Sonic-esque spikes, and is also, of course, pink! Pink Wisp will not be in the Nintendo DS version of the game as he’s a Wii exclusive.

When Sonic absorbs Pink Wisp, he can use “Pink Spike” *Colour Power, giving him much stronger spikes than when he’s in his normal state. Pink Spike makes the most of the spikes and has the ability to stick to any walls and ceilings! Pink Wisp helps Sonic explore new routes in a brand new way through certain levels of the game.

The second Wisp to be revealed today is Green Wisp, who bestows his Green Hover Colour Power on Sonic when he absorbs him, giving Sonic the ability to soar high into the air and find hidden paths or reach much higher levels than he could normally. Sonic can also use the Green Wisp’s Colour Power to perform a Ring Dash when near a series of rings.

Stay tuned for more details and screenshots of new Wisps in the near future, as and when Sega releases them prior to the game’s Christmas release date.