Disney has just released a ton of gorgeous screenshots from its eagerly awaited (and that’s putting it very mildly!) forthcoming Wii-exclusive game, Disney Epic Mickey. Disney has also released an intro trailer for the game, which is due to be released on November 15th, 2010. You can feast your eyes on the trailer and screenshots right here. Seeing as it says the trailer is only “Part One” of the intro, here’s hoping they’ll be releasing “Part Two” soon! Don’t tease us Disney!

Click here to view the embedded video.

Going by the trailer and screenshots, it looks very much like Warren Spector’s Junction Point development team has really managed to deliver on the initial promise of all those early reports on the game since it was first announced on October 28th 2009. It truly looks like a magical adventure, and for those of us who remember the classic Mega Drive/Genesis Mickey game, Castle of Illusion and want to relive those glory days, November 15th really can’t come soon enough!