Konami has today released new screenshots and in-depth details about the Wii version of PES 2011, which is due for release this October. The game’s development is being overseen by producer Akiyoshi ‘Greyhound’ Chosogabe and his team who were also responsible for last year’s game. According to Konami, PES 2011 follows the lead set by the Next Gen console versions of the game by concentrating on giving the player more control over the action than ever before, including true multi-directional dribbling, which allows users to run and turn in all 360-degrees, and gives the player greater responsiveness when controlling the ball.

PES 2011 for Wii also retains the dual control methods pioneered by last year’s game. Players can either opt to play the game with their Wii Remote and Nunchuck, using the former to pick out passes or send players on runs, and the latter to totally control the player who has the ball, or they might prefer to use the Wii Classic Controller to play in a more “old school”, conventional style, with the left-hand stick offering full 360-degree movement, and the right stick enabling players to change cursors more efficiently. Players will also have the option to play against rivals using different control methods , whether they are online or offline.

Other key new features outlined by Konami today include being able to tailor the runs that players make in set-piece situations. The Free Run Set Up enables users to assign several players to make runs before the kick is taken, and to run their players into space to create goal-scoring opportunities easily when the kick is being taken, by moving players to bring opposition markers out of defensive positions. A new camera option is also available during corner kicks, to enable users to zoom in or change the camera angle so that both teams can execute finer controls.

The Wii version of PES 2011 also includes a much wider range of feints and skills, as well as more realistic player models and animations. The individuality of players has been emphasised, with more attributes allocated to their abilities, as well as more graphical enhancements added for their appearance. Players will even sing the national anthem for certain sides while they await kick off.

Online play has also been improved to keep up with the rest of the enhancements, with the addition of the Copa Santander Libertadores mode to the existing UEFA Champions League options, and the return of the Master League and Champions Road modes. Sounds like they’ve really put a supreme amount of effort into the Wii version of the game!