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    Disney Epic Mickey Release Date Announced

    Disney Interactive Studios announced today that the highly anticipated new and exclusive Wii game, Disney Epic Mickey, will hit the stores in North America on November 30, November 26 in the UK, and November 25 in Europe. A new video from the game, entitled “Journey”, can be viewed now at www.Disney.com. Here’s Disney Interactive Studios’ Junction Point general manager and creative director, the legendary Warren Spector, talking about the game:

    “I believe that video games tell stories as deep and as sophisticated as movies, books or any other medium. In Disney Epic Mickey, Mickey Mouse is faced with challenges worthy of a hero, while the players’ actions and their decisions throughout the game alter the gameworld. We are honored and humbled by the anticipation for Disney Epic Mickey, and we could not be more excited to get the game in people’s hands so that they can experience the thrill of becoming a hero and controlling their own destiny.”
    Not long to wait now!

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    I preordered my Epic Mickey Collectors Edition yesterday.

    There's just so many games coming out though, I think November is going to give my bank manager a heart attack.
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