2K Play has today released New Carnival Games for the Wii, the latest installment in a franchise that has already sold over six million units worldwide. A limited edition bundle including the game and the Wii MotionPlus accessory is available at launch while stocks last.

New Carnival Games for Wii features over 30 brand new games and attractions, including Pitch-A-Plate, Bottle Stand-Up, Fish Bowl Bounce, Gold Rush Alley Ball and Haunted House. Gamers can also earn tickets that can be redeemed for over 300 colourful in-game prizes, such as Moon Rocks, Eye-Bots, Decoder Rings and Wacky Wearables, ranging from a Walrus Mask to Dragonfly Wings.

New Carnival Games is also MotionPlus compatible, a franchise first, meaning that players can toss coins, bounce balls, shoot targets and bump cars with increased accuracy and more precision than ever before, and the new multiplayer feature enables cooperative play and head-to-head competition in every game, so that the entire family can play together.

New Carnival Games is out now, with an SRP of $49.99 for the Wii MotionPlus bundle, and $39.99 for the standalone game.