EA Play today released MySims SkyHeroes for the Wii, for an RRP of 29.99. MySims SkyHeroes is a high-flying action-adventure game that brings co-operative gameplay missions and multiplayer online action to the MySims franchise. Players begin the game as a pilot who has crash-landed on an island, waking up with amnesia. He joins a group of fellow stranded pilots in a quest to tackle the villain Morcubus, who is trying to stop Sims flying so that he can rule the skies himself.

In Single Player Campaign mode, gamers will get to fly through 42 different missions over 12 vastly different environments as they gather power-ups and assorted unlockable upgrades while trying to rack up the best score along the way. With each mission the player accomplishes, they will become an increasingly high-profile and feared hero by defeating deadly enemies, taking part in high-speed challenges, or facing down huge bosses.

Branching storylines also keep MySims SkyHeroes interesting; for example, you can always divert from your current mission to rescue a fellow MySims character. You might even then find that the character you just rescued can assist you in a difficult boss battle in your current mission.

The game also offers two Quick Play modes – Dogfighting and Racing – with the Wii online multiplayer action allowing for up to six people to join in.