Team6 has today released the first screenshots from FlatOut Wii, showing various locations for the Racing and Battle Arena destruction derby modes, as well as some weapons for the new “car basher” Trash mode.* In Racing mode, you must race, destroy and finish first to win, with violent, aggressive racing taking place in various locations such as a financial district, an industrial port, and a dusty old town in southern Europe. In contrast, the Battle Arena mode doesn’t even try to pretend to be a racing game – it’s all about causing as much mayhem as possible, and smashing your opponent’s car up until it explodes, in a brutal arena made of steel, concrete and asphalt, that’s equipped with ramps and loops and riddled with all manner of cunning booby traps, such as spike pits and steel balls. Sweet!

Here’s Ronnie Nelis, CEO Team6 game studios, talking about the game:

“Team6 pushed the Nintendo Wii to its limits with the new FlatOut, in terms of visuals and performance. Everybody told us that what we intended to do with FlatOut is simply not possible on a Wii, but we managed to do it anyway. All the effects, physics, damage system, visual detail, it’s all in there. It took a lot from the team to get this title in such good shape on this platform, but it was worth our efforts, for sure. FlatOut Wii has become a very good, brutal, aggressive and high speed racing game that will hopefully be appreciated by a lot of gamers.”
FlatOut Wii has no official release date as yet.