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    Intriguing New Lost In Shadow Screenshots Released

    It’s always interesting to see something a little different on the Wii, and Hudson Entertainment’s Wii-exclusive Lost in Shadow is certainly that. There’s something about the ghostly ethereal feel of it that reminds me of Playdead’s recent Xbox LIVE hit game LIMBO. Hudson has today released some brand new screenshots from its “artistic platformer”, featuring scenes from the Sewer level. In the unusual game, players get to follow a shadow of a boy as he attempts to climb around and up a mystical Tower in an alternative world, solving mysteries and puzzles and fighting off enemies along the way. The Tower is filled with moving shadows yet at the same time casts a *large shadow on everything beneath it. With the help of a winged sylph known as “Spangle”, players can move lights in the foreground to create new shadowy walkways to previously inaccessible areas. The game’s combination of light, shadow, background and foreground creates a unique blend of novel gameplay features, morphing landscapes and artistic visuals. Here’s Dai Kudo, director of consumer products at Hudson Entertainment, talking about the game.
    “Lost In Shadow is different from anything else seen on Wii before – mixing unique platform elements with levels of puzzles into a stylized environment for a beautiful gameplay experience. The innovative shadow-based gameplay and artistic vision makes Lost In Shadow a truly breakthrough concept in videogames.”

    Lost in Shadow will be out exclusively for the Wii on January 14th 2011.

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