Nintendo was fairly tight-lipped when news leaked back at the end of September about a new Wii Remote Plus controller that was to be bundled with a new game, FlingSmash, but now itís prepared to sing like a canary about the new Wii Remote Plus FlingSmash bundle, starting by revealing that it will be hitting the stores in Europe on November 19. Just as revealed by NintendoLife, the Wii Remote Plus is a Wii Remote with built-in Wii MotionPlus functionality. And seeing as FlingSmash can only be played using Wii MotionPlus, itís handy to have that capability packaged along with the game for those who donít already have it.

The Wii Remote Plus mirrors your exact movement as you play, allowing greater accuracy as you fling FlingSmashís character, Zip, at targets, smashing and flinging your way across eight colourful worlds, ranging from sandy beaches to underwater grottos.

The game itself is a classic action sidescroller, where you have to fling Zip at the right angle in order to smash objects, such as enemies or bricks, or to propel him down corridors. As you progress through the game, Zip transforms into different ball types, each with its own special challenge, such as a fattened-up Zip, a shrunken Zip or a heavy steel ball Zip.

Your aim is to collect at least three of the five medallions hidden on each level in order to advance to the next stage, and to earn as many points as possible by smashing up plenty of blocks.If you want to play with a friend, they can control Zipís friend, Pip, and there are eight unlockable mini-games and eight extra levels to discover, all playable by one or two players.

Nintendo doesnít quote a price for the bundle, but according to UK retailer Game the bundleís RRP will be £44.99 (with Game currently advertising it at a discounted £34.99).