Zoo Entertainment has today announced the forthcoming release of Minute to Win It for the Nintendo Wii. The game, based on NBC’s hit game show, will be available this November for an MSRP of $29.99. In the game, players get to compete in a series of simple, yet nerve-racking, 60-second challenges with household objects in an attempt to win each round. As the money at stake increases, so does the difficulty level. To add even more intensity to the fast and furious competition, the game is also compatible with the Wii Balance Board.

Both Solo and Multiplayer modes are featured, and full character customisation is available. There are a total of 36 randomly selected challenges to get to grips with overall for each 10-round battle, making Minute to Win It the ultimate party game for all ages. Here’s Craig Plestis, executive producer of Minute to Win It, talking about the game:

“Minute to Win It is the perfect game show to bring to the video gaming realm and we are very excited for MTWI Wii to reach homes across the nation. This show has not only caught on across America but has been voted ‘The Best Game Show in the World’ in Cannes. We are looking forward to this Wii game becoming a hit in America, as well as around the world.”