Originally called EnjoyUp Soccer, EnjoyUp Gamesí footy game has been renamed Soccer Up!, and has a new WiiWare release date of Q1, 2011. Soccer Up! is a humorous soccer game that enables you to take control of any action of your teamís players, such as controlling the ball, dribbling and shooting. The game ball has inertia free movement, and will therefore move freely over the field, so itís up to you to try and control it and then choose the height, effect and power before shooting at goal.

Each country has its own national team in the game, even getting the chance to play in the World Cup, and you can also create your own team with the in-game editor. You can name it anything you like, choose its equipment and play with your Miis as part of your team! Multiplayer options include local cooperative or rival modes for up to four players.

Looks like a lot of Sensible Soccer-style fun going by the screenshots!