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    Reload Aims For Intense Shooting Action Minus the Violence

    A non-violent first-person-shooter might sound a little implausible, and not necessarily a whole lot of fun, but today Mastiff announced that it is currently developing just such a game for the Wii, entitled Reload, and what do you know, it does actually sound like they might be onto an authentic winner. *The game puts the player in the role of exhibition shooters, soldiers and law-enforcement officers, and features more than 25 different types of weapon from some of the leading firearms and shooting gear manufacturers. The players will get to use the weapons on the firing range, in the field and on various drills.

    Remington is featured heavily in Reload’s target and skeet shooting levels, with accurate representations of the latest Remington weapons, such as the Modular Sniper Rifle. Other well-known companies will also be involved, such as Wiley X.

    Gameplay involves taking on a range of target training events and scenarios on both indoor and outdoor ranges, against both stationary and moving targets, with plenty of medals, gear and rewards to unlock along the way. Players can also engage in scenarios set in various locations, such as embassies and villages, where they’ll have to take out the bad guy targets and avoid the innocent civilian hostages. They’ll have the chance to engage the villains both on foot and using a mounted turret gun.

    Reload will be released on the Wii this winter 2010 for $19.99.

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    Um..... If your gonna play a shooter than do it right.

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    It looks like nice graphics but I wanna shoot ppl not targets lol
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