Hudson Entertainment has a little extra something up its sleeve for all those waiting for the November 9 U.S. release on Wii of Beyblade: Metal Fusion – Battle Fortress. Yes, from the launch date, until stocks run out, fans will be able to get their hands on the limited edition pack, which features a special DVD with a full-length episode titled, “Merci’s Dangerous Trap” from Beyblade: Metal Fusion, with art unique to the disc. In the episode, which first aired in the first season of Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Doji sends Kyoya to Wolf Canyon to prove his readiness to battle Gingka. Meanwhile, Gingka is lead to believe that he is on a television game show by Doji, who has pitted Gingka against the computer “Merci” to test Gingka’s skills and collect data. Kyoya eventually makes it to the top of Wolf Canyon, and is ready to battle Gingka.

As for the game, Beyblade: Metal Fusion – Battle Fortress features a complete game-specific story with the original characters from the show. Looks like Beyblade fans will be some very happy people indeed when November 9 rolls around!