Get Fit With Mel B, the only fitness game that takes the player inside the screen to train side-by-side with Mel B, is out today for Wii. Of course you’re not actually inside the screen, not even Nintendo can work that sort of magic just yet, but thanks to the camera-based controls, you’ll be able to achieve the next best thing, by having your image up there on the screen training alongside Mel B, and receiving her real-time feedback. The former Spice Girl, now the face of Fitness First and International Fitness Week, as well as the host of many TV productions such as the reality show “Mel B. It’s A Scary World”, will be your very own personal trainer in the game, keeping you motivated to achieve your goals.

Not only is the game innovative, it also achieves results, and has been critically acclaimed by several specialist media experts as “the best Fitness game to hit the market”.

The exercise programme used in the game was created by experts at Fitness First, the world’s largest gym chain, who were looking to devise the perfect home workout. It features more than 200 tailored exercises, 6 types of aerobic disciplines (dance fit, cardio, advanced cardio, step, pump and tone and combat) and a nutritional program with 6 different meal plans and 140 recipes.