A new survey from the American Heart Association has found that playing active-play video games can lead to increased participation in more real-world physical activities. According to the survey, 58 percent of those who play active-play video games have begun a new real-life fitness activity such as walking, tennis or jogging since they started playing the games. Additionally, 68 percent of people who play active-play video games say that they are more physically active since they got in involved with video games.

After studying these results, Nintendo and the American Heart Association are combining fun and fitness this holiday with “12 Days of Getting Active”, which entails posting a series of daily tips, starting from today, at *http://www.activeplaynow.com, to help make it easier for people to get active.

The site is a joint venture between Nintendo and the American Heart Association designed to provide fitness information, and to show how active-play video games can get everyone in the family engaged in fun, physical activity leading into and through the New Year.

“We’re encouraging people to use their time together during the holidays to get moving with active-play video games,” said Marc Franklin, Nintendo of America’s director of Public Relations. “Games like*Wii Fit Plus*and**Wii Sports Resort*get the whole family up off the couch and staying active while having fun.”