Here’s something a little different for your Wii – Shanblue Interactive has today announced it’s bringing Magic Destiny – Astrological Games to WiiWare on December 31 2010 in Europe, with a release date for America to be announced later. Magic Destiny is designed to teach you all about the wonderful world of astrology, including how to predict the future and discover aspects of you or your friends’ personalities. The game’s main features include a vast encyclopaedia with sections on chakras, biorhythms, Bach Flower Remedies and much more; fascinating games such as Runeblock, Diamonds Link and Stellar Memory; and magical divination arts such as tarot cards, numerology and palmistry.

“Astrology is an enthralling subject which never goes out of fashion. Every country has its own astrological culture. Horoscopes, tarot cards, palm-reading and seashell divination are just a few examples of the exciting techniques in use. The idea of Magic Destiny was to make this magical world accessible to all and the Wii and its open-minded following are the perfect way to reach a large audience” says Francisco Mollá, the project’s leader. “Magic Destiny is not only an educational experience thanks to the information we have compiled about the different techniques but is also great fun thanks to the wide variety of games and arts of divination we have included”.