Hudson today released new screenshots from forthcoming game Lost in Shadow, which is due for release on Wii on January 4 2011. The game combines unique platform elements with puzzle gameplay elements, with the use of light and shade creating a unique blend of game styles. The story centres around a shadow boy who is climbing a large Tower in an alternate world, and who runs through the shadow of the Tower, solving mysteries and puzzles along the way, and fighting off enemies that try to impede his progress. The boy is not affected by gravity, but his movement is restricted within the thin border between light and shadow. The boy is not alone on his quest, as he is joined by a creature of light, a winged sylph known as Spangle, who supports him on his journey.

The gameplay really does seem to be truly unique, as the boy alters the shapes of surrounding objectsí shadows in order to create walkways to previously inaccessible areas, and battles shadow creatures using traditional weapons. The screenshots certainly look fascinating too, canít wait for this one to be released early next year.