Hudson Entertainment announced today that until January 8th, Best Buy customers will be able to get an early glimpse into the striking world of Lost in Shadow, with a playable demo available at selected stores nationwide, so make sure you check out your local Best Buy in case yours is one of the lucky stores. The highly anticipated Wii game won Kotaku’s “Best Gameplay Mechanic” award and was a runner up for “Best New Game” at E3 2010. The unusual combination of light, shadow, background and foreground creates a unique blend of novel gameplay features, morphing landscapes and artistic values. If you’re not lucky enough to live near to one of the Best Buys that will be demoing the game, don’t worry too much, as you only have a few days left to wait until January 4, 2011, when the game will be released for Wii. To find out more about the game, click here to visit the official site: