Paranormal Puzzle game Ghost Mania has launched today on WiiWare in North America for 500 Wii Points, and will also be released on European WiiWare on January 7, 2011 for the same price. In the game, players must use a combination of logic and strategy to plan out their moves and progress through the game as they attempt to complete the simple task of catching all the ghosts before the time runs out in the Tetris-style gameplay. The action takes place across 70 plus levels and four game modes: Arcade (fast and fun), Puzzle (relaxed play), Endless (eternal madness!) and 2P Party Mode.

Ghost Mania is one of the few puzzle games to feature multiple stories that are dependent on character and game mode selections. It supports widescreen and 480p and you can choose to play either by holding the Wii Remote controller horizontally, or by using the Classic Controller.