Team6 Game Studios announced today that it’s bringing a fun new karting game to the Wii called Supersonic Racer. The game features 12 over-the-top wacky characters and vehicles, including a space shuttle, a monster truck, a pizza dude, a taxi driver and a magnetic superbike from the year 2400, all racing in four outlandish worlds.

Nightmare World is all burning, hellish heat, Trash World is, quite literally, full of garbage, Aqua World is a beautiful underwater domain, and Game World features the wonderful world of video games.

Going by the screenshots and Team6’s track record on the Wii, which includes the likes of Monstertrucks Mayhem, Speed, Glacier: 3, Calvin Tuckers: Farm Animal Racing Tournament* and the revival of FlatOut with FlatOut Wii, Supersonic Racer should be a lot of fun to play. In fact, Team6 even goes so far as to say that Supersonic Racer will be their best karting title so far for the Wii, so let’s hope they’re right!