Sanuk Games’ very popular Spot the Differences! game has finally got a European release date of January 21 for WiiWare. Packed with 150 scenes, 3 difficulty levels, and 1,500 differences to spot, Spot the Differences! has already been very well received as a Sony PSP “mini” – being named as the 6th best-selling mini of all time – and also as an iPhone game, managing to top the Italian App Store’s Top Paid iPhone Apps chart for 11 days straight. The game offers 3 single-player game modes – Arcade, Select Pictures and Time Attack, as well as a Wii-exclusive multiplayer mode, where up to 4 friends or family members get to compete against each other in a bid to see who can spot the most differences.

Spot the Differences! will also be released in America at a later, as yet unconfirmed date, but for now, European players can download the game via WiiWare for 500 Wii Points.

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